Pretty View Recreational Rentals started a few years ago with  Big “O’s"  Bouncer Rentals. One Bouncer grew to five and we supply local events as well as birthday parties, wedding and other functions.

For a few years we had heard about the need for camper rentals. Many families didn’t want the expense of owning a camper and having it sit on their driveway or in a compound 99% of the time. Much easier to rent one for the time you need it.

That quickly extended to rentals for weddings, family reunions and other functions. Why drive when you can stay right at the site?

We bought a few campers and the response was over whelming so we bought a few more . We are close to several  golf courses, lake resorts and campgrounds. You can also rent one for use right at our site.

Our campers are not new but are clean and very well maintained offering very good value for the price.

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